Blast furnace in Vlachov (STM exhibition)

The very unique and significant landmark, not only in Slovakia but worldwide, is located in the town of Dobšinska Pila in the region of Vlachovo. This landmark is a blast furnace named Karol or Karlova huta. It was built in 1870. This furnace was named after the duke Karol Andreasi. Side by side with this furnace was also a foundry, where equipment for alcohol industry had been made. Furnace, which used to be the part of the steel company of a "steel duke" Emanuel I. Andreasi (son of the Karol as mentioned above). This documents the production of raw steel on charcoal. Tourists are attracted not only by the famous blast furnace itself but also by its interesting architect design. Karlova huta is currently under reconstruction which is being done by the Slovak Technical Museum.

Vlachovo, Dobšinská Píla