Ice climbing - Sokolia valley, Kláštorná valley, Suchá Belá

Slovak Paradise is special for ice climbing not only for beginners, but also for adventurous climbers. In this area, it is possible to practice different techniques of climbing during the whole winter, if there's enough water to fill the waterfalls, the thickness of the ice does exceed more than 15 cm and the temperature does not fall under -14 °C.

The ice trails are classified based on the slope and length of the ice.

In Slovak Paradise, it is possible to practice in the gorges:
- Suchá Belá (Misový icefall, Maďarský icefall, icefall Roklina, Okienkové icefalls, Korytkový and Bočný icefall)
- Kláštorská gorge (Barania hlava, Dúhový icefall, Kaskáda, Krížový icefall, Úzky and Záclona)
- Sokolia valley (Skalný and Závojový icefall, Kaskáda bruch, Kaskáda up to the second bridge, The second bridge to the top)

We offer the following services:
- ice climbing school
- ski school
- rock climbing school
- guided tours in Slovak Paradise and in the High Tatras
- bicycle and climbing gear rental

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