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Krásnohorská Cave (UNESCO)

Put on a special – typically red – speleologist overalls and helmet with a lamp and you can start an unusual adventure in Krásnohorská Cave. Here, you will not find „paved“ corridors and halls illuminated by
spotlights. You will also crawl or climb up guided by experienced speleologists. Be prepared to go through narrow wooden benches or steel ladders situated above the underground river. Going through ropes above two cave lakes represents a unique experience. The tour route leads to the Dripstone of speleologists of Rožňava that is, with its height of 34 m, the biggest dripstone in a mild climate. Although the journey is difficult, children accompanied by an adult can manage it. Do not forget firm and waterproof footwear (or you can borrow it) – you will also wade through water!

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