Renting the sky - Sky diving, tandem

A professional sports team, with a heart :), provides all services in the field of sports and recreational parachuting. We organize tandem jumps and parachuting courses for people interested in their first solo jump - we also run a parachuting school. We do exhibition skydiving performances at many different cultural, social and sports events, as well as celebrations and anniversaries. We also do commercial and promotional jumps. We organize large international meetings of skydivers under the name Helicopter BOOGIE, training camps, and company events. We are the main organizer and founder of the Slovak parachuting league in precise landing. Our benefits are a beautiful environment, two airplanes of type Cessna specially customized for skydiving, and a team of people that have done thousands of jumps, have medals from the World Championships and 20 years of experience in this sport. With this, we strive to not only ensure the safest experience possible for our clients, but also fun and comfort in the air. All of the activities are with a view on the High Tatras, Slovak Paradise, Kráľová hoľa, historic Levočca, Spišská Nová Ves and the Spiš castle - these views are introduced to passengers during the ascent of the airplane to the required height for jumping and also during the jump and parachute flight itself. Many times it is simply described as "WOW".

Letecká 37, Spišská Nová Ves