The Schalkház Café is reminiscent of the name of the hotel in Košice, which was considered a germ among the hotels in the years 1873 to 1963. It used to be a meeting point of European aristocracy, diplomats, as well as emperors and kings from all over the world. The local coffee was renowned and the ceremonial attendance by the waiters was at the top of European level. The spirit of the hotel - and with it millions of stories from a higher society - have survived in the Schalkház Café until these days. Taste freshly ground coffee of the Bristol Speciale brand, such as a cream-smooth espresso with a fine nutty flavour. You will also enjoy a wide selection of ice coffee on the sunny terrace, try a combination of fresh espresso, chestnut syrup, almond milk, and chestnut purée with vanilla ice cream in the Almond Ice Caffé.

Hlavná 74, Košice