Hipocentrum Vinné

Riding center Hipocentrum is focused on providing tourist services especially in the field of horse back riding. For complete beginners, there is the option of riding on a horse led by an instructor. If you enjoy it, you can pay for an instructor that will teach you the basics of horse back riding in a minimum of 7 lessons. The visitors that already have riding experience and want to ride alone, can use one of the outside riding areas. If you are interested in trekking on a horse around Zemplínska šírava, use the option of riding outside of the center under supervision. You can choose from 5 hour long walks, up to several day trips in the surrounding beautiful nature. Based on agreement, it is possible to alter the route. And if you are thinking about an original present, you can reserve a horse carriage ride.

Vinné 14, Vinné
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