Lower Zemplín

The region with the tastiest wine in the world, which is formed by picturesque vineyards. The Lower Zemplín is a region of wide fertile fields, vineyards, forest meadows, shaded mountains, Karička and Pozdišovce ceramics. For the perceptive tourist the nature of the Zemplín region hides a great many beautiful nooks and crannies and places untouched by man.

MICHALOVCE, is the main centre lying in the heart of the Zemplín. It is the entry gate to the recreational area Zemplínska šírava. The regularly held cultural-social attractions in the town of Michalovce provide agreeable moments for its visitors and residents alike are. The new, reconstructed central pedestrian zone with its attractive main feature – a singing fountain – is the natural centre of this modern heart of the Zemplín.To taste holúbky (gastro speciality of the area) and drink unique Tokaj wine are few of the many unforgettable activities that you can do in Lower Zemplín.