A varied mosaic of natural and recreational attractions which have something to offer in summer as well as in winter. The uniqueness of the Slovak Karst, with its beautiful rocky formations, led to the building of several hiking and instructional trails and cycling paths.

ROŽŇAVA, a town of famous mining traditions, education and crafts, the administrative and cultural centre of the upper Gemer. It lies in the valley of the Slaná River. A rare historical nucleus with a square-shaped main square of medieval origin – the largest of its type in Slovakia. Visitors can admire the town and its surroundings from the viewing guard tower which is a symbol of the town. Visitors can become familiar with the rich history of mining and metallurgy of Rožňava and the upper Gemer at the Mining Museum, which also offers an exposition on the nature of the Slovak Karst region as well as an historical exposition focused on a presentation of the most beautiful museum collection of the town and its surroundings.

Muránska 1331/4, 050 01 Revúca