Spiš and Slovak Paradise

An attractive tourist destination which can be proud of several historical monuments recorded in the UNESCO world heritage list and at the same time offers unrepeatable and unique natural scenery. For each admirer of monuments and history there is Spiš destination, which is not to be missed.

SPIŠSKÁ NOVÁ VES, the town is characterized by the longest lenticular-shaped square in Slovakia. At the same time it is the designated entry gate to the Slovak Paradise National Park. Spiš markets, tours of the square with its cultural-historical jewels, climbs to the highest church tower in Slovakia, visits to the ZOO, the organising of many cultural events are all attractions and at the same time invitations to this town. And the surroundings of Spišská Nová Ves offer many cultural and natural monuments. Markušovce with its Renaissance manor house and rococo pavilion of the Dardanelles, Žehra with the early-Gothic church, and the largest castle complex in Central Europe – the Spiš Castle is among the real historical jewels of this region. Hunger and thirst in this area is also not possible. Who could ever resist such culinary speciality as Spišské pirohy and Buchwald beer.

Nábrežie Hornádu 14, Spišská Nová Ves
+421 948 846 506