Ranch Šugov in Medzev

This small family oriented hotel – located in the beautiful environment of Slovak Kras – was established after a full reconstruction of the very popular tourist accommodation Chata Ryba. The location of the hotel provides nature lovers with many beautiful places to see. At the ranch you will find swings for children, a boat for the adventurous types, table tennis for athletes, bicycles for cyclists, a pond full of fish and a fishing rod rental for fishermen, and fresh air for everyone. And since the best view of the world is from the back of a horse, Ranch Šugov offers this option as well. It doesn’t matter if you’re an advanced rider or if you’ve never sat on a horse before, the instructors of the ranch will be there to help you. If you visit the ranch in the winter, you can use the many cross-country skiing trails in its surroundings.

Šugovská dolina 10, Medzev
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