Sándor Márai Memorial room

Memorable room of one of the most famous writers in Europe is located on Masiarska street in Košice. Memorable room, where Sandor Marai had spent most of his childhood and even created his work, is filled with personal property of Sandor including a cross, pictures, painting, globe etc. Come visit this interesting place and pay your respects to this important citizen of Košice as well as the world wide famous writer. This exhibition includes a lecture about Sandor’s life. This lecture will present you with interesting facts from his life including facts that he was anti-Nazi and anti-Communist, he lived in Slovakia, Hungary, Switzerland, Italy and even in the US, where he died under tragic circumstances in 1989.

adults: 4 €
children, seniors, handicapped: 2,50 €

Mäsiarska 35, Košice
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