Silica Plateau

2:00 h
26.19 km
asphalt, reinforced path
552 m
552 m
217 m
217 m
522 m
216 m

Route description

Plešivec (0.00 km)
Československej armády 57 (Church Tower), 049 11; GPS: 48.545108, 20.403009

We start in a large parking lot at the church tower in the centre of the village. Here you will join the red sign in the direction of Silická Brezová and the Jaskyňa Domica cave. Whole circuit will be marked by a red biking sign.

Red biking signs crossing (1.50 km)
GPS: 48.534497, 20.411734

At the beginning, you will warm up to the red biking signs crossing. Continue straight along the Route 587 towards the Domica cave. Ride through the vast fields and meadows, around the village of Ardovo, through the village of Dlhá Ves, until you reach the Jaskyňa Domica cave. The paths in this area are peaceful and you rarely meet with a car here.

Jaskyňa Domica Cave (10.00 km)
GPS: 48.477597, 20.469066

At the cave, you may refresh yourself, sit down for a while, or take a cave tour. The trail continues along the Route 587. At the nearest crossing point, the last one before the Hungarian border, turn left to Kečovo.

Kečovo (13.00 km)
GPS: 48.493489, 20.484211

The local church is a good landmark in the village of Kečovo. Continue around it. Gradually, as you will be approaching the end of the village, the concrete road will end. After you pass the village, there will be a short, stone pebble. Then you will reach the untouched plains, which are hard to find anywhere else today.

Silická Brezová (18.00 km)
GPS: 48.532620, 20.485563

After a few kilometres of biking through forests and meadows, you will reach the village of Silická Brezová. Ridearound the park and the church tower. Continue on the red sign and return to Plešivec. You will be riding up the last metres. Finally, by way of reward, you will ride the last mile downhill pretty fast.

Plešivec (26.00 km)
Československej armády 57 (Church Tower), 049 11; GPS: 48.545108, 20.403009

The trail is exceptional by its all-governing peace. Even though you are mostly biking on concrete roads, you will not meet many cars here. It's a bit of a way back in time, through the villages where peaceful atmosphere reigns.

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