Wellness and Relaxation

Climate Spa and Baths Štós (Water World)

„Before every important decision, it is wise to rest and relax,“ said the world famous Brazilian writer Paulo Coelho. The Climate Spa and Baths Štós, that lie in the Volovské mountains of the Slovak Ore, are by far the most ideal place for relaxing. Here you will find a set of water and steam baths with many other options, including herbal, eucalyptus and Finnish sauna, water journey, hydro massage pool and a tepidarium. You can also relax in the park with over 200 types of rare plants and flowers, an artificial stream and a charming cascade fountain. Whether you are making an important decision, or just want to relax with your partner or the whole family, Spa and Baths Štós has everything you might be looking for.

Štós – kúpele 235, Štós
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