Climbing center Rozlomity

This club will satisfy anyone who is interested in climbing, whether in the mountains, rock gardens or climbing races. The center offers a very large selection of climbing areas near Košice, where its members can climb and relax. The home area is Rozlomity with 80 routes. Another area is Zádielska dolina, maybe the most forgotten climbing area in Slovakia, with an uncountable number of possible routes. But, the most favorite climbing area near Košice is Turniská, with 120 routes with different levels of difficulty. Area T2 offers 20 summer and 35 winter paths and 50 boulders. Jánošiková bašta is the oldest climbing area by Košice, with 50 – mostly easier – routes. Dreveník is the only travertine area in Slovakia (around 120 routes). All you have to do is pick a route.

Študentská 1, Košice
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