Rotenberg geotourism nature trail

The shafts and mines on the Rotenberg (Červený Vrch - Red Hill) are among the rarest preserved relics of historical mining in Slovakia. Historical mining work on the Rotenberg hill above the Smolník stream was started as early as in the 14th century. It is this geo-tourist educational trail that represents the hard work of the miners who mined iron-copper ore in the area.

The start of the trail is situated near the Baroque Chapel of St. Ján Nepomucký on the eastern edge of Smolník, near which the building of the future Information Centre of the Geo-Tour Civil Association is located. The village belongs to the Gelnica district and is less than 60 km far from Košice.

The geo-tourism trail will take you up the hill of Červený Vrch to the tunnels on the Rotenberg, with a continuation on the opposite side of the hill to the old mines and pings. At the beginning and end of the trail and near the old mining works, there are rest areas with new or reconstructed sign posts. In addition to benches and educational boards, wooden posts are installed on it, on which QRC codes with a link to the website are placed.

1) A walk along the marked Rotenberg geo-tourism educational trail.
A free individual walk along the blue and yellow signs on the Red Hill (Rotenberg), with the start of the walk at the Info house, without a guide or expert explanation. You may find information on the information posts along the trail, on which QR codes are placed, and on the information boards located along the route. Duration, 45-90 minutes. The blue route is accessible to all the categories of visitors, the yellow route is more difficult. Do not enter old mine workings. We recommend wearing sturdy sports shoes.
Paid walk along the geo-tourist trail with a guide and expert interpretation. The start of the walk is at the Info house, where the guide will take care of you. Duration, approx. 60 minutes. We recommend wearing sturdy sports shoes.

2) Visiting the Lower Shaft
A paid visit to the mine with a guide and explanation. Duration of the attraction is approx. 60 minutes. We recommend wearing sturdy sports shoes. You will receive a helmet, a headlight, and a cloak at the beginning of the excursion in the Info house.

3) Visit to the historical mining exhibition in "Alžbetka"
Duration of the attraction, approx. 60 minutes. The start of the attraction is in the Info House. It is cold in the underground premises, so we recommend that you put on some more clothes.

May, June, September, October (until October 15): Fridays: 14:00, 15:15, 16:30; Saturdays: 11:00, 14:00, 15:15, 16:30, Sundays: 11:00, 14:00, 15:15.
July, August: Tuesday - Sunday: 11:00, 14:00, 15:15 16:30.
You may order the guide in advance at info@geoturizmus.sk or at phone number +420 723 216 474.

The nearby shipyard and the Úhorná reservoir are a great tourist area which is an attraction for relaxation, swimming, boating, fishing, but also for hikers and cyclists. Today, the Monument to the last mined ore in the form of a mining cart with the last mined ore and a hammer with a point in the stone is a memory of the mining history of the once royal city that Smolník was. The monument is located in front of the Municipal Office and the Maria Column, in the central part of the village.

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