A Live Beekeeping Museum

As Albert Einstein said: "When the last bee dies, humans have four years left to live." Surely none of us would want to experience this scenario, and thanks to the people who are increasingly raising awareness of the importance of this animal species, we laymen can also learn more about them. They also got the idea to bring the life of bees closer to visitors in the village of Moravany, where they created a live beekeeping museum.

The village of Moravany belongs to the Lower Zemplín Region and is located on the left side of the road from Sečovce to Michalovce. The open-air museum is built in the local municipal park and can be visited from Monday to
Sunday in the months of April to September, according to the agreed date.

In the live beekeeping museum, you will learn how bees used to behave, what has changed, what has been abandoned and what has been added to bee care. You will also see historical beehives, but also modern beehives used today. In the area, you will learn many interesting things about the life of these creatures and you will also come safely into "contact" with them, namely in the api house. It is working with bees that charges a person with energy and has a beneficial effect on human health. Air breathing therapy with the scent of honey and propolis, along with listening to the peaceful buzzing of bees, has a beneficial effect not just on the nervous system, but also has an anti-inflammatory, antiviral, and antibacterial effects.

In the village, you will also "come across" the functioning project "Moravany on Water to Knowledge", which will guide boaters who are dormant in you through the basin of the Ondava River. You just need to gather a bit of courage with which you can sail this river.

Lučkovce 64, Moravany
+421 904 879 505