Forest Bath by the Vinné Lake

If you feel like you are drowning in a lot of work responsibilities, problems and everyday chores, you should learn how to dive. Swimming is also important, but just diving in, closing your eyes, breathing deeply, listening, perceiving... You don't have to be afraid of drowning! By immersing yourself in needles, leaves, grass, air, smells and sounds, you are not in danger.

The first forest bath in Slovakia is a completely new product of ecological tourism. However, it has a long tradition in the world; the Japanese even have a name for it - they call it shinrin yoku. Even in Europe, it is increasingly liked mainly by people who feel that the rush, speed and pressure of the surrounding world is taking away more and more of their energy. The civic association Forest Pedagogy found a place for its bath in the beautiful surroundings of the Vihorlatské Vrchy Montains, near the Zemplínská Šírava Lake. You can try it with friends, colleagues, family, you can choose it as a form of team building or as a gift for your girlfriend. Berta Stašková and her colleagues will tailor a bath according to your requirements. It is enough to make an arrangement in advance. Although the forest spa is intended for adults, if you come with children, they will have their own programme focused on forest pedagogy, getting to know the secrets of the forest, animals, and plants.

Just the idea of silence, solitude, the smell of the forest, the peaceful passage of time, induces a better mood. And when you immerse yourself in the forest, it can bring you true healing. Health benefits, environmental knowledge, ecological feeling and relationship to sustainability - these are the values that a person realises when thinking about a forest bath. What one feels is less anxiety, panic, stress, headaches, depression, exhaustion. Scientific studies have shown the beneficial effects of the forest environment on the human body. The forest bath helps to treat mental illnesses, ischemic heart disease, burnout syndrome and chronic stress, severe exhaustion, relationship and professional crises, internal blockages, strengthens the immune system, promotes healing and regeneration, alleviates sleep disorders, improves concentration, alleviates respiratory problems and lung diseases , lowers blood pressure and blood sugar levels, alleviates inflammatory processes in the body, increases overall physical and mental well-being of a person.

And if, after immersing yourself in the forest bath, you feel that you are still missing something, you can also immerse yourself in the Vinianske Jazero Lake, which you will find on the way beyond the village of Vinné. Or go out to the Vinné Castle, which volunteers from the Zemplín-Uh Castle Road civic association are bringing back to life and preparing events for the public there. In Zemplín, you will find everything your heart desires - nature, history, traditions, gastronomy, and good people.