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Manor House of Betliar and the English park

Slovak Windsor

Do you want to walk through a romantic manor with luxury historical furniture uncovering the taste of the former inhabitants’ inspired by the English royal family? Then hop into your car and come and visit the manor house in Betliar, which is not even an hour drive from Košice. The well mannered Andrassy family, gaining the tile of Duke by the end of the 18th century, turned Betliar into their representative mansion and hunting get away at the same time. It is surrounded by romantic natural parks with fountains that are still preserved and functioning until this day. The manor house itself shelters the unique library, which holds about 15 thousand theological, geographical, and philosophical articles and books originated anywhere from 15th to 20th century. Betliar, as the locals call it, also holds priceless artistic collections, hunting trophies, exotic souvenirs, as well as features like a grand wooden staircase with huge Virginian style windows. A beautiful manor house like this one would definitely appeal even to people like the famous Austrian princess Sisi, who was included on the friend list of the Andrassy family.

Kaštieľna 6, Betliar
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