Múzeum Vojtecha Löfflera

The Vojtech Löffler Museum was established by the Košice – Old Town district on December 17, 1993. Vojtech Löffler and his wife Klára Schönherz dedicated their entire collection and the sculptor's art legacy to the city.
The museum presents a permanent exhibition, which consists of a selection of the artwork of Vojtech Löffler, a notable sculptor from Kosice, and at the same time presents artwork of contemprorary artists in the form of temporary exhibitions.

Löffler beside his own artwork, donated to the city a unique collection of self-portraits of notable visual artists. Löffler's collection of self-portraits of those artists has grown into a major private collection of portraits in which the representatives of the famous Košice Art School (Halász-Hradil, Csordák, Bauer, Kieselbach, Kmetty, Jasusch, Šipoš, Feld, Reichentál, Jakoby, Collinásy, Oravecz and many others) dominate. The collection is gradually expanding with the works of contemporary artists.
The permanent exposition presents a collection of folk ceramics and pottery, in which the pieces of the Hollóháza production from the second half of 19th century have an important place, but there are also pieces from the province of Muráň, Holíč and Kremnica.

Alžbetina 20, Košice