2:00 h
29.13 km
asphalt, reinforced path
301 m
301 m
166 m
166 m
211 m
96 m

Route description

Malá Tŕňa (0.00 km)
Kostolná 1 (Grocery store COOP Jednota), 076 82; GPS: 48.455375, 21.682005

The trail starts in the centre of the village of Malá Tŕňa. You can park your bikes here without any problems. On the square, there is a marking, a map of the surrounding trails, and tools for repairing your bikes with even a tire pump! Take the red sign towards the viewing tower. On the Y crossroad, hold on to the left.

Tokaj Sightseeing Tower (1.50 km)
GPS: 48.442994, 21.691372

When you have had enough of the views of the vineyards and the surrounding countryside from the tower, continue along the red sign to the inconspicuous intersection between the vineyards where you turn right to the black sign.

Deviated trail to the BLACK SIGN (3.60 km)
GPS: 48.438408, 21.717579

The black sign is a pleasant shortcut along the vineyards to village of Bara.

Bara (5.10 km)
GPS: 48.425331, 21.716268

You will arrive to the big crossroads in the village. Turn left here to green and yellow signs that are almost parallel. You will cross the village of Malá Bara, behind it, the green and yellow signs diverge. After a while they merge again, so it does not really matter which of them you take. Just before the village of Viničky, keep on the yellow sign on the field crossroad and continue straight ahead.

Viničky (10.60 km)
Tokajská 186/21, 076 31; GPS: 48.400671, 21.746807

You will arrive at a wine cellar, which you for sure should not miss and taste what is a symbol for this region! Then continue down the yellow sign to the left and down the main road again. You will ride a bit to the bridge across the Bodrog river. There is a red sign ahead of the bridge, along which you will continue to the right on the dam. Following the red signs, you will arrive in the village of Borša. The red signs will take you through it and you will continue to the village of Malá Bara.

Malá Bara (21.00 km)
GPS: 48.422283, 21.728372

In Malá Bara, you will now know it well. You have already been to the crossroads of biking labels. Turn left to Bar following the green sign. This time, however, you will not turn to the red one, but you will continue on the green one, which from the beginning is doubled with yellow, but that one is a little bit off our way. A slight ride down is ahead of you under the hill where there is a viewing tower, back to the beginning of the village of Malá Tŕňa.

Malá Tŕňa (29.00 km)
GPS: 48.455375, 21.682005

The trail ends again in the centre of the village of Malá Tŕňa.

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