Rožňava - Skalisko Mount

5:00 h
35.10 km
asphalt, reinforced path, forest path
1121 m
842 m
311 m
589 m
1272 m
310 m

Route description

Rožňava (0.00 km)
Námestie baníkov 2, 048 01; GPS: 48.661855, 20.532693

The beginning of the trail is at the dominant place of Rožňava, by the Watchtower in the city centre. Ride along its right-hand side and keep straight on. You will exit the centre through the intersection and continue straight alongside the river.

City Forests (2.40 km)
GPS: 48.680799, 20.542373

Out of the city, you will ride around the ponds. There is a turning behind them into the city forests. Turn right. The concrete road extends through a long, steady uphill ride into the mountains. Keep riding along a blue tourist sign.

GREXA (8.40 km)
GPS: 48.717250, 20.597376

You will pass a large part of your uphill ride on the concrete road. Turn right at the bar. You will pass through the creek. Next, continue along the sloping track along the blue sign. Just below the ridge, there were a lot of fallen fell trees when we were mapping the trail, making it harder for us to keep on a blue tourist sign. Fortunately, a lot of roads lead to the ridge and it is not a problem to find your own way after a lot of the last height meter on a number of sloping tracks that lead there.

Saddle Krivé (13.90 km)
GPS: 48.730152, 20.636824

On the ridge, follow the red tourist sign towards Skalisko. There are still a few rising and descending paths. We were mapping the trail after a strong wind, so the road was still complicated by fallen trees. Otherwise, the trip is interesting and changes its character every minute. You will enjoy it. Try to keep riding along the red sign whenever possible.

Skalisko Mount (20.00 km)
GPS: 48.744361, 20.575259

Vrch Skalisko mount is a reward for a nearly continuous 20 km long ride up. From there, there is no need to rush anywhere. Further on, the trip continues only at a speed limited by your capabilities. But back to the road! From Skalisko, there leads a beautiful trail, which connects to the yellow tourist sign (after a couple of kilometres). The trail starts right below the summit direction Rožňava.

The Yellow Trail (21.60 km)
GPS: 48.733398, 20.575383

The trail will lead to a sloping track, which is also on a yellow tourist sign. Here it will be consistently rolling down along the yellow sign, along a wide path in a well-recognizable terrain. The only thing to be careful about are gaming animals that you would not want to see crossing your way. After a long way down, you would eventually come to the old recreational centre, from where the concrete road leads, the one you were riding at the beginning. Beware of the ramps that block the whole width of the road.

Rožňava (35.00 km)
Námestie baníkov 2, 048 01 GPS: 48.661855, 20.532693

Shaken out and wind-swept you will arrive in Rožňava, and as you might have thought after the first half that the riding up would probably never end, after the Skalisko run down you would probably say, it had paid off! :)

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