Slovak Paradise

6:00 h
70.90 km
asphalt, reinforced forest path, forest path
1426 m
1426 m
453 m
453 m
1057 m
451 m

Route description

Spišská Nová Ves (0.00 km)
Elektrárenské námestie (Ice Rink), 052 01 GPS: 48.942654, 20.560155

Park your car in the parking lot in front of the winter stadium in Spišská Nová Ves, or in the surrounding area. From there, follow the RED CYCLO SIGNS along the river Hornád, out of the city, in the direction of the Slovenský Raj (Slovak Paradise).

The Roma settlement (3.20 km)
GPS: 48.947678, 20.522673

Before the Roma settlement, go across the bridge to the opposite side and continue along the Hornád river.

Smižany, Maša (5.20 km)
GPS: 48.950955, 20.507955

Red signs will lead you to a large billboard on the edge of Smižany. From there, the route continues to the Košiarny Briežok along the GREEN CYCLO SIGNS.

Košiarny briežok (8.20 km)
GPS: 48.931499, 20.512957

Follow the green trail – you will first go by the cooperative farm, and then at two Y-shaped intersections keep left. You will come to a buffet at Košiarny Briežok. The pointers are at a distance from the buffet, at the forest line.

Pod Flajšerom (17.30 km)
GPS: 48.911983, 20.502599

Behind the Košiarny Briežok hill, there is the first pretty uncomfortable climb through the forest. You will rise to almost 400 metres of altitude. Before the end of the climb, turn left onto a not paved forest road from the concrete road. After a long climb, you'll enjoy the first smaller downhill ride to the road fork Pod Flajšerom.

Čertova hlava (20.50 km)
GPS: 48.883794, 20.450055

After 1 km, continue straight at the crossroads in the valley of the mountains. Just after the crossroads, turn right, where a climb begins. You will rise by still other 200 metres of altitude to the Čertova Hlava (Devil's Head). From this point, the route will steeply climb and change; the remaining kilometres will reward you for your efforts.

Hajdúkova lúka Meadow (22.70 km)
GPS: 48.876099, 20.434339

From the Čertova Hlava follow the GREEN SIGNS downwards to the Hajdúkova Lúka meadow and connect to the BLUE SIGNS direction MLYNKY along the concrete road.

Palcmanská Maša Reservoir (30.50 km)
GPS: 48.862514, 20.385867

In the village of Mlynky, follow the RED SIGNS. Continue along the GREEN SIGNS towards MLYNKY direction Palcmanská Maša through the village of Prostredný Hámor. The water site is an ideal place to recover strength in the second half of the circuit.

Stratená, kríž (cross) (36.60 km)
GPS: 48.868251, 20.347639

Continue from Palcmanská Maša under the railway bridge along the main road. After a while, turn right following the BLUE SIGNS through the village of Dobšinská Maša. Across the field, behind the village, you will turn once again to the main road. Here is a quick downhill ride along the GREEN SIGNS to Stratená.

Podlesok (56.20 km)
GPS: 48.964214, 20.385230

Behind Stratená, enter the gate to the Slovenský Raj and the BLUE SIGNS will take you to Podlesok. First you will experience a smooth hike in a beautiful setting and then amusement of the long downhill ride through the woods. This is a beautiful 20 km long section of the route.

Hrabušice (58.60 km)
GPS: 48.971656, 20.398331

Continue along the GREEN SIGNS to Hrabušice, where at the junction with the main road you will join the RED SIGNS that will lead you up to Spišská Nová Ves.

Spišská Nová Ves (72.00 km)
GPS: 48.942654, 20.560155

The RED SIGNS will guide you through the village of Spišské Tomášovce, bypassing Čingov, to the junction before Smižany, where you will recognize the surroundings. The river Hornád will lead you back to the winter stadium.

Cycle Service
Cyklo ABC s.r.o.
+421 53/441 30 64
Ing. Straku 5, 052 01 Spišská Nová Ves
Cyklo-špak II.
+421 53/442 72 51
Duklianska 596/17, 052 01 Spišská Nová Ves
Schwabik, s.r.o.
Zimná 36, 052 01 Spišská Nová Ves
Information Centers
Tourist Information Centre Spišská Nová Ves
+421 53/429 82 93
Letná 49, 052 01 Spišská Nová Ves
Smižany - Mansion
+421 53/443 36 66
Tatranská 105/302, 053 11 Smižany
Čingov - Trek Cafe
+421 905 714 541
Čingov - horné parkovisko, 052 01 Spišské Tomášovce
Čingov - Chata na rázcestí (Cottage at the crossroads)
+421 907 920 728
Čingov - dolné parkovisko, 052 01 Spišské Tomášovce
Autocamping Podlesok
+421 53/429 91 65
Podlesok 33, 053 15 Hrabušice
Information Centre of the Slovenský Raj National Park Administration
+421 53/442 20 10
Podlesok 30, 053 15 Hrabušice
Tourist Information Centre Dobšiná
+421 58/794 11 54
Námestie baníkov 384, 049 25 Dobšiná