Vihorlat - Morské oko

3:00 h
32.66 km
asphalt, reinforced forest path, dirt
1209 m
1231 m
327 m
327 m
1043 m
327 m

Route description

Remetské Hámre (0.00 km)
Remetské Hámre 105, 072 41, GROCERY STORE GPS: 48.851148, 22.185051

Park your car in the parking lot in front of the grocery store or in the surrounding area. The blue bike trail runs along the right side of the grocery store, direction of the Morské Oko lake.

Relaxation zone (0.50 km)
GPS: 48.854414, 22.187686

Keep to the right of the blue tourist signs. The route continues in a mild rise.

Potašňa (3.70 km)
GPS: 48.876459, 22.209622

Turn right at the T junction at the Potašňa pointer. After 1 km, at the Y junction, keep on the left!

Pod Zlomami (6.40 km)
GPS: 48.887300, 22.234262

You will get to a meadow by the tourist pointer. Continue straight along a wooden house in which one may find shelter in worse weather, hide from wind and rain.

Bejla kopec Hill (9.70 km)
GPS: 48.891484, 22.217421

At the Bejla kopec hill pointer, you will cross the green tourist sign. A long downhill trail is ahead of you. Go straight along the blue C signs.

Junction of Morské oko (14.90 km)
GPS: 48.909561, 22.199501

You will come to a T intersection by the railway ramp, just below the Morské Oko lake. Turn right over the ramp to the Morské Oko lake.

Morské oko Lake (15.20 km)
GPS: 48.911703, 22.199566

Morské Oko is a beautiful forest lake of vulcanic origin. Stay on the concrete path along the blue tourist trail.

Buffet (16.10 km)
GPS: 48.917943, 22.197418

As you go around the lake, the sign posts will direct you down to the buffet (the Morské Oko cottage), which is certainly worth a brief stopover.

Pod Tromi tablami (17.10 km)
GPS: 48.920949, 22.188453

Go back from the buffet and continue along the blue tourist trail. This short stretch of road can be demanding for even a savvy cyclist. That short section, however, is not too long and you will soon yield on the road. From here, you can start a long continuous descent down to the starting point, or continue on the tourist trail to the Sninský Kameň hillside.

Sedlo Tri tably Saddle (17.50 km)
GPS: 48.920610, 22.184194

If you decide to go further along the blue trail, you will reach a clearing with educational boards. From here, it's good to go on foot to the Sninský Kameň hill for 30 minutes and leave your bikes locked there or push them meanwhile.

Sninský kameň Hill (18.80 km)
GPS: 48.929254, 22.189463

The red signs will lead you up to one of the hills. You may climb it up easily by using the ladder. You will enjoy a magnificent view of the whole of the Vihorlatské Vrchy mountains and the Morské Oko lake from the top.

Pod Tromi tablami (20.50 km)
GPS: 48.920949, 22.188453

From the Sninský Kameň hill, return to the intersection of the blue tourist trail and the blue cyclo-tourist route. Kilometres downhill will pass quick.

Remetské Hámre (33.00 km)
Remetské Hámre 105, 072 41, GROCERY STORE GPS: 48.851148, 22.185051

On the way down, cross a few tourist pointers. Watch, however, the well-marked blue C signs which will lead you up to the village, your starting point. On the way down, go around the water spring Richard, an ideal place to replenish your water supplies.

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