The Spiš Castle

3:00 h
17.37 km
asphalt, reinforced path
513 m
513 m
563 m
563 m
591 m
420 m

Route description

Spišské Podhradie (0.00 km)
Parking lot in Spišské Podhradie under the castle, 053 04; GPS: 48.997013, 20.757528

We start from the parking lot below the castle towards the centre of Spišské Podhradie. Through the centre, you will get further, on a mild ride up to the Spišská Kapitula chapter house. Some places have not yet gotten their tourist signs, and even where they are, they are not always well visible, so we recommend that you get downloaded the GPS coordinates on your mobile or other devices, so that you may biking in a much more confident and smoother way.

Spišská Kapitula Chapter (1.50 km)
GPS: 49.000594, 20.741455

By the Spišská Kapitula chapter house, you will ride through the "gate" and then through the main road. The trail then leads through extensive meadows overlooking the Spiš Castle. Another good landmark is a short way from you, St. Rosalia Chapel. You do not have to go and see it now, you will come back to it. Ride along the woodlet to the right of it to the Spišský Salaš pastoral cottage restaurant, where you can eat well, should you so desire. Behind it, you will get on the main road for a while. From there, after a short ride, you will turn left to the next chapel, the Sivá Brada grey beard. There are several geysers around the chapel that create interesting formations on its slopes.

Sivá Brada (Grey Beard Heap) (3.70 km)
GPS: 49.006338, 20.723311

From the chapel, you will run downhill around a further geyser. Now you can reach the St. Rosalia Chapel, taking a short uphill ride across the meadow. When you have had enough of beautiful views of the countryside and its sights, ride back to Spišské Podhradie, to the starting point.

Parking lot under the Castle (7.50 km)
GPS: 48.997013, 20.757528

This time, you will ride from the car park up the hill towards the Castle. Just right before the steep hill to the Castle, turn right. You will pass by a small stone quarry. After it, turn left and ride to the Ostrá Hora mountain, where you may enjoy other wonderful views of the Spiš Castle. From the top of the hill, return a bit back. Continue to the Skalné Mesto rocky town next to the woods.

Skalné mesto (Rocky Town) (10.00 km)
GPS: 48.988207, 20.774881

Behind the Skalné Mesto (Rocky Town), there is a short trample out, through which the bikes will have to be carried for several metres to get to the plane above the rocks. It is worthwhile riding downhill. There is a good look out anywhere around you along the paths through high grassy meadow, until you reach the concrete road on which you should turn left and after a few metres to the right to the field road to the village of Žehra.

Žehra (13.00 km)
GPS: 48.980765, 20.791687

In Žehra, it is worthwhile to visit the Holy Spirit Church at the cemetery. Then continue along the main road and the red biking sign direction Hodkovce. At the first junction, turn left to the hill. You will cross the village of Hodkovce. At the next junction at the cross, turn left to the Spiš Castle. Ride to the parking lot by the Castle. Now is the best time to visit the Castle.

Spišské Podhradie (18.00 km)
GPS: 48.997013, 20.757528

Ride around the Castle walls back to the parking lot in Spišské Podhradie, where the spells around the Spiš Castle end.

Cycle Service
Kellys Bicycles s.r.o.
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Tourist Information Centre Spišské Podhradie
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