Košice - Herľany

6:00 h
83.42 km
asphalt, reinforced forest path, gravel
1117 m
1116 m
205 m
206 m
720 m
178 m

Route description

Košice (Aupark) (0.00 km)
Košice 040 01, Palackého 1422/2, AUPARK GPS: 48.718007, 21.265546

You may start at the Košice Aupark Shopping Centre. Continue eastward along the Palackého Ulica street under the railway bridge. Turn right after the fuel station. Go over the bridge over the river Hornád. Go through the passage for pedestrians, and by the noise barrier set off for the opposite side, as if going back. Along the ED8 road, you will weave your way up a mild hill via the allotment gardening area E58 until you come to the intersection next to the fuel station. Go to the opposite side and continue straight along the road 3410 direction Zdoba.

Road 3410 (4.40 km)
GPS: 48.723870, 21.293392

The less travelled road 3410 will lead you through the villages of Zdoba, Sady nad Torysou, Olšovany, up to the village of Ďurkov, where on the junction with the main road turn left onto the road 576 in the direction of Bidovce.

Ďurkov (17.00 km)
GPS: 48.708592, 21.438780

After passing Ďurkov, continue along the road 576 through Bidovce around the villages of Nižná Kamenica and Vyšná Kamenica, up to Herľany. The road traffic in these parts is not too heavy, so the cars will not interfere.

Herľany (29.00 km)
GPS: 48.800967, 21.477709

The next stop is at the natural geyser in Herl'any. To see it in its full glamour, you need to painstakingly plan your trip and have a piece of good luck, since the geyser sprays water every 32 to 36 hours. To continue your trail, you need to go back to the beginning of the village and turn left at the T junction direction Vranov.

Red C (34.00 km)
GPS: 48.810351, 21.519744

The trail will slowly rise through the forest. After a few kilometres, the rise will go steeper in serpentines. On top of the serpentine, there is an intersection with the red bicycle trail on which you should turn right. Go through the gate on a forest path. The wellspring named Hubert is along the way, where you may refill your water supplies. You will be going through an area with a high degree of protection and you can admire the pure nature.

Dargovský priesmyk (Pass) (44.00 km)
GPS: 48.739046, 21.535274

On the forest road, you come up to the Dargovský Priesmyk pass. The buffet there is open in the summer months. You may take a rest by the Memorial. The trail continues from the left side of the Memorial at a moderate rise into the woods. This climb will still take a few miles more, but it is the last one on the trail, and when it starts going down, you have won!

Ruskov (61.00 km)
GPS: 48.684037, 21.431287

In Ruskov, you will go straight to the T junction at the grocery shop. Here you should turn left in the direction of Blažice. Next, you will go through the village of Bohdanovce and by Nižná Hutka to eventually return to Košice.

Košice (82.00 km)
GPS: 48.718007, 21.265546

There are several options in Košice of how to return to your starting point. You can tap on the Red or Green C, which leads along the Hornád river, over which you will get to the entrance to Košice, or you can return through the paths and across the city by following the CENTRUM traffic sign plates.

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