The Galmus Circuit

5:00 h
48.83 km
asphalt, reinforced path, forest path
1204 m
1202 m
427 m
429 m
812 m
392 m

Route description

Markušovce (0.00 km)
Michalská 35/53, 053 21 GPS: 48.915481, 20.623705

We will set off for the Galmus circuit by the historical monument, the Markušovce Mansion. Ride east by the Hornád river along the main road. The trail is marked by a red biking sign and a yellow tourist one. At the Olša crossroads, turn left direction Matejovce nad Hornádom.

Matejovce nad Hornádom (4.40 km)
GPS: 48.916797, 20.670306

In Matejovce, you will arrive at the crossroads of red and blue biking signs. Whichever direction you may take you will eventually return to this point. We chose the blue one, which leads along the river and turns to the left right after the village by riding up into the mountain. You would ride about 300 height metres uphill through the woods and meadows to the village of Poráč.

Poráč (11.70 km)
GPS: 48.883933, 20.726030

You will reach the board map at the crossroads of blue and green cycling signs. Continue straight down to the Poráčska Dolina valley along the green cycling sign. In the valley, there is a recreation area, accommodation, a mining tunnel, and a ski resort - an ideal place for taking a short break. The trail continues along the green signs through the sprawl along the river by continuously descending to the Ploštiny crossroads.

Ploštiny (18.70 km)
GPS: 48.882978, 20.810101

After a relaxing glissade, do not miss the direction table of Ploštiny. There turn left to the blue sign, you will have some very steep riding into the protected area of Galmus. In less than three kilometres, you will ride up 300 meters high, which can be pretty demanding. The good news is that it will be the last significant ride up on the trail.

Galmus Chalet (22.60 km)
Tokajská 186/21, 076 31 GPS: 48.400671, 21.746807

At the Galmus Chalet, there is a spring, if you run out of water after the uphill riding. From the chalet you will ride along the yellow cycling sign, riding down to the lake ZA HOROU, another holiday area in a pleasant environment with a restaurant.

Za horou (27.00 km)
GPS: 48.926405, 20.805355

Once you have had enough of recreation, the trail continues along the red cycling sign, towards Olcnava and Vítkovice. You will be approaching the intersection of the biking trails in Matejovce, at which you have already been, but just before that stop at the natural scene of the Šiklavá skala rock. Especially in winter months and long-lasting frosts, it performs an amazing performance.

Markušovce (50.00 km)
GPS: 48.915481, 20.623705

From Matejovce, you are already familiar with the trail and after the flat district roads, you are just a short ride to the Manor House of Markušovce.

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