Tourist information center

Regional information point

The RIB is a gateway to the Košice region, where we invite the inhabitants and visitors of Košice to travel "out of town".
The role of the RIB is to provide information on recreational, sporting, and cultural opportunities in the Košice region. Information is systematically collected, updated, and promoted on visitor sites and activities that may be the destination or motivation to travel in the region.

We offer information on permanent natural, historical, and cultural sights, regular or occasional events. We are actively involved in the presentation and marketing support of the region as a destination for tourism. For these purposes, RIB's space is provided within the framework of installed "interactive invitations to the region" associated with accompanying events - creative workshops with regional craftsmen, demonstrations of regional traditions, professionally guided workshops, meetings with interesting personalities, debate meetings, vernissages, degustation of produce of the Košice region, and the like.

We will also be happy to offer you our sales exhibitions where you will find a wide variety of popular handmade products where we guarantee the origin of the products from our region. A large part of the sales products also consists of the products of Social Services Homes and specialized facilities in the Košice Region founding scope, which are created within the framework of ergo-therapy - occupational therapy. They are original, soulful, and story-based products.

Hlavná 48, Košice
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