Getting lost in the regions

Lost in Silica

Are you looking for an escape from boredom by rewarding yourself with adrenaline experiences and deleting them from the list of things you have to do till your death? Is it not working for you? We know why overpriced and overvalued escapes into the world of cheap dreams do not work. Yes, we encourage you to ignore the traditionally offered consumption and open up to the other side, to try lazy travel, the meaning of which is not “fun and relaxation”.

Lazy travel, “travel with understanding”, is part of one’s attitude. Imagine a green meadow on the endless gently rounded ridge of the plain, white cobweb clouds floating in the blue sky, which you can tear off like cotton candy. One narrow dusty sidewalk for you. A very easy path to freedom and at the same time a great chance to engage in one of the most underrated activities – thinking. We also know places! We only offer a start and a goal, what you fill the space between these points with is up to you. You will leave your comfort zone several times, you will have to talk and rely on strangers, in addition to which you may lose prejudice, rewrite many personal rules. This is the essence of travel – a return to the real, getting to know each other without kitch scenery. Travelling should be a cure, an opportunity to find yourself and new friends. Get back and find yourself again at the THE EDGE OF THE WORLD.

Silica Ice Cave

About a kilometre and a half from the village of Silica, there is a small parking lot by the Silica Ice Cave. From here, you may walk to a cave 1 km away. The Silica Ice Cave is available to the public all year round, without entrance fees and photo fees. But that’s not the only reason we’re sending you there. The Silica Ice Cave is a cave with a broken ceiling. From the secured sidewalk – gallery, you can observe an abyss 90 metres deep. It is strange that a small ice drop is kept in it even on hot summer days. From there, it is only a short walk to Babská Diera hole – a 46-metre-long cave abyss – the site of the cult seat of ancient Kyjatice Culture. This place is a witness to the bloody ceremonies of the Early Stone Age. The proof is in the discovery of a mask made of a human skull, which was used in cult ceremonies with human victims.

Silická Planina plateau

It has an area of ​​153 square km, it is the largest plain in Slovakia with 17 discovered caves and 14 abysses. Or above the plain, heaven is completely within hand’s reach. On the left, you can also see the distant peaks of the Slovak high mountains. After about half an hour’s walk, you will reach a traditional rocking well with a simple sitting area. Nearby is the underground Jašteričie jazero (lizard lake), which you can find out from the information board. You will get to Krásnohorská Dlhá lúka. Can you imagine crossing the plain only in the moonlight? So how about waiting for the sunrise right on the plain?

Krásnohorská Jaskyňa cave

It is not an ordinary cave, you will need to be wearing cave clothing, shoes, a headlamp and a helmet. All this will be provided by a caveman who will guide you through the cave and search for a real adventure. www.krasnohorska-jaskyna.sk

Practical information: The cave is open from 1 April to 31 October. The season lasts from 1 July to 31 August. During the season, there are 2 entrances a day for a maximum of 10 persons per one entry in the groups of a maximum of 10 persons. The minimum number for entry is 4 persons. Out of season, it is necessary to arrange entry to the cave in advance by phone at: 0905 412 048 or by email: stankov@ke.psg.sk. Due to the limited number of visitors per entry, it is better to book a visit to the cave so that you can also get to the cave at the selected date. The cave can be visited by children from 6 to 15 years of age accompanied by parents. The tour route is suitable for almost everyone. However, it requires some mobility. People who are overweight or have serious health problems should consider the visit.