Boat ride on river Bodrog

The river Bodrog is accessible along all its entire length. Trips take place regularly every Sunday from spring to autumn by Journey Ship Artur that is operated by company Lumix trade spol. s.r.o. Trebišov. On the ship itself visitors have the opportunity of great comfort - there is a rebuilt social room and a small bar that offers the opportunity to view the surrounding landscape comfortably whilst tasting gastronomic specialties. Starting point for the trips is the tourist port under the road bridge between villages Vlničky and Streda nad Bodrogom. Rafting takes place downstream through the Slovak and Hungarian territory up to the City of Sárospatak in Hungary. Upon optimal water flow the trip lasts over 2 hours to Hungarian City of Sárospatak. In the City there is an option to look around, there is a castle from the Middle Ages or explore the historical Tokai wine cellars.