Sluices of rivers Laborec, Ondava, Bodrog

The Laborec flows through almost all of the Zemplín area from north to south. It is 129 kilometres long and rises in Low Beskydes. It collects mostly left-sided and relatively developed tributaries Výrava, Udava, Cirocha, while with all of them form the complex spread of flows beyond Humenné. The river flows around the Vihorlat mountains and comes to lowlands, where it eases and joins the big left-sided Uh tributary. From Strážske, the Laborec is accessible all year and suitable for water tourism. The section from Radvaň above Laborec to Humenné and further to Strážske is more interesting from a water sporting viewpoint. To navigate it, it is required to have at least 80 centimeters on the water gauge in Koškovce.

According to length, Ondava is 8th longest river in our country. The Ondava gradually flows through the units of Ondavská highlands, Beskydské foothill, Eastern Slovak hills, Eastern Slovak flatland. From Svidník, the river is accessible provided that there is at least 90 centimeters on the water gauge under bridge, from Stropkov it is accessible on condition that it the water gauge shows at least 50 centimers. The section under Domaša Water Dam is accessible throughout the year on the condition of 161 centimeters on the water gauge in Hencovce. Through Latorica it comes together to form the Bodrog river, by their junction nearby village Zemplín in elevation 94,5 meters above sea level. The place where the Bodrog river leaves Slovakia is the lowest place in our country which is 94,3 meters above sea level. Also river Bodrog is accessible in its Slovak and Hungarian section.