Farmer's yard - Skarabeus Argo

Joint Cooperative is doing business in Eastern Slovakia in the Košice region, county Michalovce. Doing business in agricultural primary production is focused on core crops and agriculture while animal stock is added to that. While the crops are growing we are focusing on thickset cereals (winter wheat, winter rye, malting barley), oilseeds (colza), grain maize and fodder (lantern, haylage, hay, clover grass, mixes and perennial forage). Fodder and part of grown crops are serving for the animal stock production itself, where cattle farming, sheep, goats, pigs, farming stock of various kinds, poultry, water fowl, fish. The cow farming is performed without market milk production. In the summer, the farmer´s yard becomes busy, because young people from neighbouring schools in Veľké Kapušany and surroundings and also students from Trebišov are coming here to visit. They admire the life of animals in farmer´s yard, they also have the option to ride a horse. Employees allow children to stroke and feed the animals, but they can also watch the processing of products - production of cheeses, or baking bread. They even offer accommodation, the option to organize family parties, barbeques and corporate events within a unique village environment.

Veľké Raškovce
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