Ružín Trail of Jack-o'-Lantern's Fairy Tales

Margecany is not just the most important railway junction, but also a village with a rich history dating back to 1235, from which the first written mentions of the village come. Tragedies in the form of epidemics, namely the plague and the Spanish flu, did not escape the Margecans. After the construction of the waterworks (Ružín), the original village of Margecany disappeared. Only the Church of St. Margita and the cement plant have been preserved.

The Jack-o'-Lantern trail leads next to the road from Margecany to the cultural monument - the Margecany Tunnel. The tunnel is 3.3 km away from the railway station.

The attraction consists of four wooden sculptures placed individually on concrete bases. The sculptures depict a fairy-tale creature - the dwarf Jack-o'-Lantern. Each statue holds a light in its hand, and on each statue there is a metal board "deed", on which the fairy tale story of the dwarfs, whose names are Lantern, Digger, Tinker, and Shepherd, is written individually. With their stories, they entice the "wandering wayfarer" to come and see their "house" - the tunnel.

Each of the statues holds a light in its hand - a "lantern" that is powered by a photovoltaic panel, illuminating both the statue with the document and the space on the side road, creating the illusion that the "wandering wayfarer" has to walk to the "house" along a lightened road.

When the "wandering wayfarer" reaches the "dwarf's house" - the tunnel, and as he/she walks along the tunnel, the individual lamps in the tunnel start lighting up, creating an illusion, mainly supporting children's fantasy, that one of the dwarves is hiding somewhere there.

In the neighbouring village of Kluknava, you may find a national cultural monument that connects Kluknava with the Štefánska Huta settlement - a wooden covered bridge. This unique bridge of its kind was also depicted on the postage stamp in 2000. It won the 3rd place in the poll for the most beautiful Slovak stamp.

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