Smart Bicycle Gazebo in Margecany

Have you decided to explore the unique village of Margecany and its beautiful surroundings, but are you worried that bad weather will catch you unprepared? Or that the battery in your e-bike runs out? You can safely leave your worries at home, because the visitor infrastructure in the village "thinks" of that too.

At the end of Margecany, in the place where the reconstructed forest roads begin (which can also be used as cycling trails), there is an intelligent bicycle pavilion that will provide you with a suitable place to rest and also service your bicycle.

The bicycle gazebo primarily uses solar panels to power its lighting, charger for e-bikes. and 230-Volt socket for charging mobile phones. Cyclists also have at their disposal service tools for basic bicycle repairs and a pump for inflating tires. Nearby. there is also an information board with a map and marked cycling circuits, where you can choose the route of your next trip.

In the territory of the village, you can visit a technical monument, such as the Margecany Tunnel. From the village, next to the dam, the Path of the Jack-o'-Lantern'a Fairy Tales leads right to the Margecany Tunnel, where four wooden sculptures with lanterns lure children into the world of fairy tales and legends about the surrounding region. In Ružín, you can stop at Počkaj Beach, where you can rent small watercraft, such as a water bike, a boat with an electric motor, and a rowing boat. However, if you are more attracted by the views and (not only) you want to see the village from the top, you should not miss the Čierna Hora (Black Hill), which is located to the north of the village.