Veľký Sokol - Slovak Paradise

Veľký Sokol is the mightiest ravine in Slovak Paradise. It ends with the romantic Róthova ravine. Both sides of the gorge are formed by rock walls as high as 300 m. Waterfalls and cascades, which are a part of the national reserve Sokol, complete the fascinating landscape. The land of the gorge is covered in woods, in some places of forest characteristic.
Veľký Sokol is also an example of thermal inversion. Moist and shaded areas of the rocks are covered in, for example, violets. The heated areas and rocky ridges are covered in plants that need more heat and sunlight. You can, for example, find the Slovak pasque flower here. When it comes to animals, at the bottom of the ravine, you can often find a salamander with its’ typical yellow and black spots. Bears, wolves and lynxes live in the inaccessible parts of the gorge.

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