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Slovak Paradise – Water gap of Hornád (canyons)

One of the most beautiful and famous canyons in Slovakia leads from the throat of Hornád on Podlesk by the village Hrabušice to the bridge by Maša in Smižany. There is a nature trail that goes through the canyon. The first part leads through the canyon and the water gap of the Hornád. The path is ensured with bridges, walkways, steps, chains and ladders. The crossing requires higher caution. The second part of the path leads through a comfortable terrain of forest trails. The only strenuous part is a short steep climb to the ridge of Ihrík. Of course, the most attractive parts are the ones where the tourist has to walk on iron steps embedded directly into the rock, above the Hornád river. In case of a very cold winter and a safe thickness of ice, you can switch from the adrenaline route of walking on the iron steps above the river to crossing it on its frozen surface by foot, on skates or cross-country skiing.

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