Observation tower Hradová near Košiciach

It is a beautiful sunny day outside and you don’t know how to take advantage of it? Then the observation tower Hradová near Košice is the ideal option. From the city it is accessible by public transport which is frequent throughout the day and from the top you can enjoy the view not only of Košice, but also on the wide surroundings including the forest park Hradová and surrounding mountains. The observation tower is 21.5 m high and it has three levels at the heights of 10.88 m, 13.6 m and 16.32 m. There is a summer house built close to the tower where you can spend a nice day barbecuing in the woods. Only a few metres under the tower there are the ruins of the medieval castle of Košice with a unique triangular bastion and there is also a playground. Children can enjoy the educational path.

Kavečianska cesta
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