The Footpath Between Ochtiná and the Ochtiná Aragonite Cave

Who wouldn't automatically associate the well-known Ochtiná Aragonite Cave with the village of Ochtiná? Everyone has probably been to the cave (let's hope so), but do you also know the municipality to which the cave belongs?

Now is your chance. With an ecological and healthier alternative (such as a car), you can get directly to the cave around the national cultural monument and several rest areas.

The village of Ochtiná belongs to the district of Rožňava (it is less than 20 km away from Rožňava) and is located in the south-eastern part of the Slovak Ore Mountains. The trail to the Ochtiná Aragonite Cave starts already at the bus stop in Ochtiná, where a park has been set up and an information board with a trail map has been installed.

The trail from the stop continues to the national cultural monument - the Evangelical Church, where there is also a rest area with benches and a flower rockery. The church is Gothic-Romanesque with well-preserved fresco decoration (the Last Supper is among the most impressive frescoes). The path continues to the end of the village (still the same way from the bus stop), where there is a gazebo with benches, a fireplace, and swings for children under the forest. The entire trail is about 3.5 km long. There is a large lot for parking cars under the forest near the gazebo. At the gazebo, the hiking trail to the cave crosses with the bike trail to the Slavošovce Tunnel.

In the neighbouring villages, you may visit the churches which, together with the church in Ochtíná, belong to the Štítnik Gothic Route Circuit. The circuit consists of the Evangelical Church in Koceľovce, the Church of the Reformed Church in Plešivec, the Evangelical Church in Štítnik, the Evangelical Church in Brdárka, and the Evangelical Church in Ochtiná itself.

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