Recharge your batteries in the lap of nature

Take a deep breath – Gelnica

Recharge your batteries in the beautiful scenery of the Volov forests above the former royal mining town of Gelnica. Above the popular Turzovské Kúpele spa you will also find a hiking trail for the freshest breath of fresh air you can imagine. This Oxygen Trail is guaranteed to give you a good dose of fresh air. The nature walk on the trail suitable for hikers or, in winter, for cross-country skiers, starts at its starting point – Perši Jarek brook, which offers the opportunity to refresh yourself with water from the forest springs. Continue the walk by relaxing on a bench by the Royal Beech, and if you want a more challenging activity, you may climb Ostrý Vrch hill, which offers views of the Turzovdká Dolina valley, Folkmárska Skala rock, or Kojšovská Hoľa hoghlamd meadow). At the end of the trail, visit the Oasis of Peace in the Turzovská Dolina valley above the Chapel of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross.

Show your strength – Hrabušice

Test your fitness and enjoy a workout right in the lap of the beautiful awakening nature. In the framework of the project, which was also supported by the Terra Incognita grant programme, two thematic attractions have been created in the Zelená Hora mountain locality: the “Way of the Warrior”, which presents the story of man in connection with the history of the place. This is an experiential path – the so-called cardio track – the Warrior’s Challenge, on which wooden benches and trapezes have been installed, allowing those interested to delve deeper into their physical reserves, or, conversely, calmer tourists to sit down and relax halfway to the fortress. The second themed attraction is the so-called “Magical Forest”, which represents the power of nature itself. This is a multi-purpose area primarily designed for relaxation and taking in the atmosphere of the surrounding landscape.

The heart of adventurers will dance – Rejdová

Return to the adventurer in you, who has rested over the winter, and head to Rejdová to the nooks and crannies of Stermina nad Hamriskami. This instructional trail, which connects the town of Dobšiná with the village of Vyšná Slaná, will afford visitors an unforgettable experience. There are 7 supporting elements installed on the path providing visitors with an experiential form of leisure time – a swing with a view, a path through trees, wooden stepping stones, a climbing wall, a “Slingshot” bench, a forest slide, and wooden trapezes with animal bounces. The nature trail includes two information boards with information about the trail and the mining history of the village and two stations with the possibility of viewing domestic animals (goats, sheep, rabbits, chickens …).The experience trail is open all year round, but we recommend visiting it from 1 April to 30 November.

Awakening the romantic soul – Brdárka

In the spring season, the beautiful cherry orchards in the Košicko Region, and not only there, are especially famous for their beautiful cherry blossoms, which cover a significant part of the area of the tiny village of Brdárka. Whether in spring, when they are dressed in festive white, in summer, when you can taste the variety of fruits, in autumn – dressed in bright colours, or in winter, which underlines the tranquillity of the area, the local landscape is always enchanting. There are abundant springs of good quality potable water in the village and in the surrounding area.

Swimming in the bosom of nature – Štós

In the south-eastern part of Slovakia, on the border of Spišské Rudohorie ore mountains and Slovenský Kras, in the picturesque surroundings of a mixed forest, you may find a beautiful small and cosy Štós Spa. If you want to relax from all the stress and enjoy the beautiful nature, you are in the right place. The surroundings of the spa include a spa forest park decorated with a stream, cascades and a fountain, which will enchant you with its energy the first moment you enter it. As many as 200 species of rare flowers and trees may be found in this forest park. The spa is located in an area where there is a mildly irritating climate which is used as a natural healing factor. You may also take advantage of the speleotherapy in the karst cave.

Listen to the birds singing – Perin-Chymia Ponds

If you are looking for a perfect break from the busy city ambience, we have a unique tip for you. Visit the Perín-Chym Ponds. The highest point of the area, the lookout tower, stands on the shore of the beautiful Perín Ponds, near the village of Perín-Chym. The ponds are a preserved area declared to protect the original habitat of the ponds of the Bodvian Depression marshland as a valuable feature of the landscape. The main reason for the protection is the fact that the ponds are an essential breeding ground and migration stop for birds. A lookout tower was built near them in 2021. From its observation deck, there is a great view of the surface of the surrounding ponds and nesting birds. Visitors may reach the ponds by following the road from the local road connecting the villages of Perín-Chym and Vyšný Lánec. The instructional trail dedicated to the protected area starts at this point. Visitors may reach the lookout tower from the first signpost in 10 minutes.

Try the forest bath – Vinné Jazero lake

The phrase forest bath originated in Japan (Shinrin Yoku). People have realised that the forest has an enormous number of benefits for our health. It is our natural environment. After all, man has lived in close connection with nature for millions of years. And that is why all of us intuitively feel very comfortable in the forest. The birds chirping, the babbling of a brook, the sunlight streaming through the treetops…

And why is the Forest Bath actually so healthful?

Invisible substances floating in the forest air are the cause. These substances, phytoncides, are also produced by trees for their protection. They protect them from bacteria, viruses, fungi, and insects. And through phytoncides, trees even communicate with each other! Phytoncides are particularly fragrant, thanks to the various terpenes they contain, so when we take a forest bath, we bathe in terpenes, the “fragrant cocktail of trees”. And it is the terpenes that are the ones primarily involved in the direct improvement of our state of health.

Find tranquillity near the volcano – Vinné

Discover one of the most beautiful still lifes in Slovakia. In spring, not only beautiful forest hillsides are awakening, but also watercourses, lakes and lochs, which are once again infused with life by the spring wind after the winter break, when they were hiding under the ice. Morské Oko (Sea Eye) in the Zemplín region is one of these beautiful places. The origin of the Morské Oko near the mountain Vihorlat (618 m above sea level) dates back to the period when the volcanic activity in Vihorlat was waning. The Morské Oko is exceptional for its origin, location, physico-chemical and biological regime. It lies in the East Carpathians Protected Landscape Area and is a State Nature Preserve with protected flora and fauna. It is the largest enclosed volcanic lake in Slovakia with an area of 13 hectares. One of the dominants of the Vihorlat Mountains – Sninský Kameň, known for its magnificent view of the surrounding hills and valleys, rises above its surface.