Castle Slanec

Slanec castle was a gothic castle from the 13th century. Juraj II. Rákoci decided to have this castle burnt down in 1679. Ever since this unfortunate event, remains of this castle have been deteriorating. All that is left today are the three stories high tower, a couple of walls, and the unique gothic curved arches. The silhouette of this castle is presented by the tower named Neboj sa. The defensive tower can also be seen, it is as tall as a four storey building. The first floor of this tower is easily accessible and even has a ceiling. Other floors have damaged construction. The top floor includes some leftovers from the original roof. The wall of the gothic place is located next to the tower. The place has a preserved gothic window of a chapel and beautiful gothic beam of an arch. In front of the tower, one can see the defensive fortification and underground basements. The main gate was protected by a draw bridge. Slanec castle is currently under reconstruction provided by civic association of Zachranme hrad Slanec.

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