Memorable room of František Jozef Fuga

František Jozef Fuga was born in 1923 in the town of Vinne. He is the co-author of the design of the current flag of Slovakia. After graduating high school, František went to study to become a priest. He left Slovakia in 1945 to continue his studies at the Pope lateral University in Rome where he was named a priest in 1950. František spent most of his life in Canada, where he took part in building a church and also publishing activities. Fuga came up with an idea for the Slovak flag that represented the Catholic values in Slovakia. Three stripes of Slavic colors (white, blue, red), with the double Cyrillic cross in the middle of it. Besides the small change (the double cross placed on the left side, not the middle) this became the official flag of Slovakia.

Vinné 514, Vinné