Memorable room of Pavol Dobšinský in Slavošovce

Pavol Dobšinský is mainly known as an author of Slovak fairytales and poems. Regardless of this, he was also a protestant priest, poet, interpreter, literature critic and publisher. His memorable room is filled with historical objects that were used during his time. It also includes the original pipe that Dobšinský used. Another interesting exhibition is The Magical World of Fairytales, as well as the exhibition of his books and illustrations of ours, as well as, foreign production. There is a park in the close proximity of this room. This park consists of different kinds of flowers and trees to make you feel like you are in a real fairytale. Every kind of tree planted in this park represents something. Linden stands for Slavic people, birch symbolizes virginity, and ash keeps all of the bad spirits and illnesses away, while maple, the tree used to make musical instruments, symbolizes music.

Slavošovce 160, Slavošovce
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