Say "WOW" at the Edge of the World

Are you longing for a trip where you won’t be stumbling over crowds of tourists, waiting in lines for crowded attractions, and buying overpriced tickets, but rather saying to yourself at every turn, “WOW, is this really here?”.

Discovering beautiful, adventurous, and inspiring sites and experiences may be available surprisingly close by.

We offer you tips on unique human creations, unconventional art, and sites in nature where all you can sum up is in the pithy and young people’s favourite word: “WOW”.

Human Creations and Unconventional Art

Green Point Lookout Tower

On top of a hill called Kremenec, above the village of Kluknava, there is a 35 m high, surprising, and unique lookout. What makes it so unique compared to others?

First, it has an exceptional power self-sufficiency in Slovakia. Wind turbines and photovoltaic cells are located on its top, which allows it to operate all day and all year round. You may charge your mobile phone or e-bike for free or simply enjoy an evening adventure. In fact, the tower is illuminated by a twilight switch even at night… simply. a “WOW” tower!

Plan your trip to the Gren Point Lookout Tower on foot or by bike, with or without kids or as a romantic evening outing. It’s worth it.

Comet in the Zádielska Tiesňava Gorge

If you feel that you don’t understand modern art, just let us be your guide. You will be taken aback by an art installation on the edge of the nature reserve, at the entrance to the Zádielska Tiesňava Gorge by the parking lot, whose shape and position resembles a comet flying in the sky.

Let your imagination run wild and before you scan the QR code with the audio description of this intriguing piece of land art, look at what unusual materials it is made of – “What? A concrete mixer and upcycled old Christmas trees? WOW”

We’ll let you discover and reveal no more than that the result of this fine art will undoubtedly impress you with its profoundness and symbolism, and you’ll learn how and why the work was created from the related videos on site.

Technické “netradičné” pamiatky

Serényi´s cistern

At the beginning of the 20th century, a circular structure appeared on the pasture at Plešivec, which evokes the impression of the intervention of an alien civilisation. The strange formation embedded in the ground, which already shows signs of the passage of time, loses none of its magnificence even today. You may wonder: “Wow, could a UFO really have landed there?”

We can assure you that this structure is the result of purely human wit and inventiveness to cope with the eternal struggle against the elements and the adverse effects of the weather. It was the drought that gave the then Minister, Count Béla Serényi, the idea to build a watering facility – a cistern for cattle – on the pasture at Plešivec.

Serényi’s Cistern is another one of the sites where you shouldn’t expect crowds of tourists. The 8.4 km long trail to this unique piece of engineering is marked by hiking signs, with a moderate level of difficulty suitable for children, and is accessible to hikers and cyclists. And in the nearby village you can conveniently park your car and have a yummy lunch.

The Slavošovce Tunnel

Do you feel that your children are bored anywhere or are you yourself looking for more adventure and adrenaline? Join us to get a bit scared and discover the secrets of the Slavošovce Tunnel. The entrance to the tunnel appears in front of you just below the surface in a wide pit, with a wooden staircase leading to it (beware of slipping! . A mysterious and even tense atmosphere awaits you, which will excite both children and adults. The tunnel is approximately 2400 beautiful spooky metres long and can be walked through in about an hour… “WOW, being in complete darkness for so long?” It is important to mention that from the Slavošovce side, a beautiful fairy-tale area for children themed around Dobšinský’s fairy tales has been built in front of the tunnel entrance.

It is almost unbelievable that the Košice World Region can make this happen – simply put, “WOW”.

Etelka Smelter

If you are a fan of historical technical monuments and you are passing through Gemer, take a short break in the village of Nižná Slaná and go and admire the view of the 11-metre high furnace of the Etelka smelter, which its builder, Count Emanuel Andrássy, proudly named after his mother Etelka in the times of the greatest boom of mining and metallurgy (1867-1907) – “WOW, you didn’t expect such a story, did you?”

Today, the less proud and time bitten Etelka is under restoration and although you can’t get close to it because of the fencing, there’s nothing stopping you from seeking out its former beauty and technical perfection through your photographs.

Unconventional Museums

Oldtimers’ Museum

“Old, but springy” – This is literally true in the Vintage Cars and Motorcycles Museum in Michalovce. You will be enchanted by the elegant curves and the everlasting glamour and shine of cars and motorcycles, which simply look better with age. People and children who are unable to get around without their own wheels can also enjoy the tour called History on Wheels, as the entire interior is wheelchair accessible.

In nice weather, naughty little visitors will find a relaxation zone for children with a boarding station of the sightseeing train Veteran Express, which will take you around the city of Michalovce, to the Zemplínska Šírava lake or to the Morské Oko mountain lake… Yes, are you saying to yourself “WOW, even such possibilities are there in Zemplín?”…

Nature as an “Unconventional” Artist

Zejmarská Roklina Gorge

Have you ever experienced the feeling of overcoming yourself and reaching the finish line? When you reach the top of a hike? If not, it doesn’t matter, everyone is perfectly entitled to their own peaks, at any age.

And maybe now is the right time for you to step onto your first climb, to step onto the first rung of the ladder. Try it for the first time or repeat this incredible experience over and over again with your children or friends. After all, you have to take a picture of that magnificent spectacular view and show it to the whole world with unwavering pride with the caption “WOW, we did it”.

Senianske Rybníky Fishponds

We can promise you that you will gain a new superpower – the ability to see and hear – in the embrace of the nature of the Senianske Rybníky fishponds. Let us silence ourselves, let us silence our children, our minds. After all, nature projects to us the perfect image and sound. Seeing a loon, a heron, or an osprey, flocks of wild geese and ducks in the natural environment of this bird paradise will leave you with an intense and deep feeling that nature does not belong only to us, humans.

Become a silent part of nature and if you feel the urge to say your “WOW” right here, don’t say it out loud, the beauty of the wild flora and fauna will ring out in full force of sound in your mind’s eye.

Herliansky Geyser

The Herliansky Gejzír geyser was there when we were children and when our parents were children. With a regularity of 32-36 hours, it has been showing us its 22-metre-high beauty of water gushing from the depths of our Earth for centuries. Let’s show this unique natural spectacle to our children as well. After all, who knows when nature will decide that enough is enough and “turn off” the imaginary tap. But you can still enjoy this unique experience in the tranquility of the small village of Herľany without worry.

You could find a similar geyser in Andernach, Germany, in Ukraine, and there are other similar geysers in Iceland… “WOW, is this what we have in the Košice World Region?”

For more information on the Herliansky Gejzír geyser see >>TU

So, what do you say? Have you chosen your Experience of the World Region? Be inspired by our offer and maybe your “WOW” will be heard more than once. For more interesting trip tips that are guaranteed to make you say “WOW” more than once, see >>TU