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Castle Krásna Hôrka

The year is 1541 and it is very busy at Krasna Horka Castle. The Turkish army is getting dangerously close and Bevekovci, owners of the castle, ordered the construction of the renaissance fortifications with the curved holes for riffles and wide terrace between them to fit artillery there. After all, Bebekovci decided to make an alliance with the Turks and fight together against the Czar. Even though the castle was saved from Turkish invasion, Bebekovci are marked as traitors throughout the country. This story is also a part of a history of Krasna Horka. Nowadays all kinds of artifacts can be seen at Krasna Horka, starting from artillery cannon placed here by Bebekovci in 1547, through to cannons owned by the Czar Maximilian and ending with rifles that protected this castle in the 18th and 19th century. One of the exhibits that is placed right inside the castle showcases the quality and way of life of royal families which once occupied this castle. This castle is also very unique due to its valuable collections of historical paintings and furniture. Undoubtedly, the most unique artifact in this castle is the mummy of Zofia Seredy, which has been sleeping there for over 200 years.

Krásnohorské Podhradie
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