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The Spiš Castle (UNESCO)

Visit one of the biggest medieval castles of Europe

Mongols left nothing behind but scorched earth, after invading Austria Hungary in 1241. One of a very few castles to survive this invasion was Spiš Castle. This led to increased interested in this castle. This castle had been occupied by royal families until it caught on fire and burnt down in 1780. Unlike Mongols who never had a chance to take a look at the inside of this amazing castle, you shouldn’t miss an opportunity to come and take a look at it with your own eyes. Come and take a walk thought the mysterious hallways, take a look into the middle age rooms, ammo storage, torture chamber and middle age kitchen. All these interiors are open to the public and provide you with an accurate picture of the past. The renaissance abrade hallway filled with historical weapons and authentic fortifications will certainly catch your attention as well. Their fortifications couldn’t even be conquered by the former "lord of the Vah river and High Tatras mountains", Matus Cak Trenčiansky.

Spišské Podhradie
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