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Beňatina Quarry Lake

The quarry near the village of Beňatina was used for limestone extraction for approximately four decades. After the revolution, at the beginning of the 1990s, mining was stopped here, as interest in limestone - due to the stoppage of construction in the vicinity - declined. After the end of mining, the underground water was pushed to the surface, which created a beautiful natural scenery, often compared to the iconic Plitvice Lakes in Croatia. The charming turquoise colour of the water in the Beňatina quarry is caused by the constant inflow and outflow of water through the colourful limestone.

Over time, this romantic place has become a sought-after location for tourists and vacationers. Swimming in the pond is at your own risk, but as the water in the middle of the pond is up to 8 metres deep, you should consider your swimming skills before entering the water.

The quarry is located halfway on the route Beňatina - Inovce, on the right side. The village of Beňatina belongs to the district of Sobrance, whose eastern district border is also the Slovakian-Ukrainian border.

The legend of the Beňatina whale is also associated with the Beňatina quarry. Its silhouette appeared on the southern wall of the quarry, allegedly after the last blast. The approximately 5-metre-long natural drawing in the rock profile resembles the body and the tail of a whale. Whether it is just a funny game of nature in this case, or whether the quarry indeed hides a prehistoric treasure, has not yet been reliably proven. However, human imagination has done its work and that is also why some call this flooded quarry the Beňatina whale.

Continuing on your way to the village of Inovce, you may visit the national cultural monument located in the village, namely the Greek Catholic wooden Church of St. Archangel Michael. It is a three-part log building covered by a hipped shingle roof with two turrets.

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