Gorge Suchá Belá (Podlesok – Slovak Paradise)

Not far from Košice lies the National park Slovak Paradise, a mysterious world that hides the unimaginable beauty of nature. Romantic waterfalls that break at the bottom of dramatic looking ravines, fabulous cascades and "naked" rocky cliffs where you want to sit for a while and observe the magnificent beech and fir forests. Gustáv Nedobrý, an important organizer of hiking in Slovakia, best described Slovak Paradise, when in the 1920s he compared its beauty to a biblical paradise.
We recommend the most visited gorge, Gorge Suchá Belá. The hike starts in Podlesk, but after a few meters of a comfortable forest road, you come across the first wooden and steel ladders, which alternate with chains, steps and walkways. However, the crossing can be done with children as well.

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