The village of Stratená is located in the southwest of the Slovak Paradise. Stratená, and a number of other villages, also has a history intertwined with mining and metallurgy.
In addition to cars and buses, it is also possible to get to the Ľadová Snow Park (located in Stranená) by passenger train from Košice with a transfer in Margecany.

The Ľadová Snow Park sports complex offers groomed tracks for cross-country skiing in the beautiful nature of the Slovak Paradise. Within the main longest circuit, other circuits of shorter tracks are placed so that each of them uses a certain part of it. The longest track is a 4.5 km track / circuit with several shorter ones from 1.2 to 3.5 km. In addition to high-quality signage, there are bridges, a wooden gazebo with information boards, a gazebo with refreshments, and a parking lot right on the premises.

The area is open non-stop during the winter season (approx. December - April).

Stratená is home to many tourist points of interest, such as Havrania Skala, Malé Zajfy nature preserve and Farma na Samelovej Lúke. However, the most famous one is undoubtedly the Dobšiná Ice Cave, which has been
accessible since 1870.

Dobšinská Ľadová Jaskyňa 15, Stratená
+421 944 386 476
+421 948 552 998