Shooting range Smolnícka Huta

The shooting range is located between the villages Smolník and Smolnícka Huta. It is situated in the woods, with a road that goes directly to the shooting range. The shooting stations are covered with a wooden shelter and allow shooting while standing, kneeling, lying down and with solid support from behind a table in a sitting position. The shooting range is managed by the Association of western shooters BONANZA. Parking is available at the shooting range. You can also spend a whole weekend there, with the option of grilling and having a barbecue in the beautiful outdoors. The outside seating can hold up to 40 people. The shooting range is also used for shooting sports competitions, training or for recreational shooting. It is an ideal shooting range for the competition Malá Odstreľovačka and for pistol disciplines. The length of the shooting range is 100 meters.

Smolnícka Huta