SNV (Novoveská Huta - Muráň)

The ski trail passes through a pleasant forest environment with numerous interesting and untraditonal views of the City Spišská Nová Ves and its surroundings. The route begins in Novoveská Huta, continues to the resting point by the Kráľov spring and then with an incline to the end of the asphalt road. Here the trail turns left and continues with a slight incline onto the Muráňská path, which leads to Poľana under the Muráň. The route then continues with a traverse under Muráň and leads through the seat Pukanec. From the seat, it is possible to turn left onto a woods trails that leads to Mlynky do Havrania valley. Our route continues to the right with a descent on a wide road that goes around Haniska and with a steeper gradient, it comes to Vojtech's solitude. Then the trail continues to the right, under Malý Muráň, crosses the crossroad of wood trails, then goes straight under Suchý vrch and comes to Kráľov spring. From here, it goes back to the starting point the same way.

Spišská Nová Ves