Experiencing the night/day as an Easterner


Do you want to know the real life of the people of Košice? Not as a tourist, a stranger from another city, but to fit into the Košice “cream” and merge with the real life of the locals? Tourists will not be able to get here, but we will! Join us.

We will advise visitors to the royal city on how to get into the area outside the main event, into clubs outside the Košice promenade and outside travellers. No billboards, no flashing neon lights would direct one from the highway to those house cabinets, you will not find them on Tripadvisor or on social networks. Now we are not talking about “hipster pseudo-nuggets” with renovated pallet furniture or vintage veneers with tattered chairs from the stock exchange in Budimír, which Instagram is full of.

Authentic and generational subcultural atmosphere with a typical aroma of beer and tobacco smoke. Decently reserved staff that you would find uncomfortable or even reluctant in another facility. Steady and trend-resistant supply. The pearl is in payment exclusively in cash. These are the characteristics of real Košice underground establishments, which you can only get to by chance. Your chances will be increased by your close relationship with the local patriot from Košice who will introduce you as a young lady at the debutante ball. You may increase your chances by inviting him there for a beer, thus securing your GPS navigation as a “stranger”. What you should not miss in Košice and where to go for a beer, we will reveal below. Don’t tell anyone!

List of establishments